Working with 
hospitals and
health systems to
create specialty
pharmacy services

Integrate care, improve outcomes and reduce costs


To support the success of health systems and hospitals as the most appropriate, effective providers of integrated specialty pharmacy care.


Empowering partners to deliver performance through access, outcomes and insights.


Optimizing patient care and speed to therapy through improved access, enablement of innovations, and performance insights.


Our inclusive work culture allows our diverse workforce to deliver expected services for an exceptional customer experience.

Acentrus Specialty is the specialty pharmacy solution for health systems. We help hospitals and health systems of all sizes and types—from large academic centers to smaller community institutions—create specialty pharmacy services that integrate care, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

To help address market challenges, we provide comprehensive solutions powered by advanced contracting strategies, innovative data collection and reporting technology, clinical and operational support, and sharing of best practices.

Through Acentrus, hospitals and health systems can develop specialty pharmacy programs that match their needs and goals—from comprehensive, in-house services to partially or fully outsourced.

By enhancing access to limited distribution drugs and payer networks, we help participants keep specialty medication management close to the patient and integrated with overall medical care.

About Acentrus

How the Program Works