Ability to care for patients within their network— improving outcomes and revenue
health systems

Specialty pharmacy represents an important opportunity and unique challenge for hospitals and health care systems. Maintaining more control enables organizations to deliver integrated care that improves the patient journey, outcomes and reduces costs. An effective program also generates revenues that can help ensure financial viability as reimbursement tightens.

But health care systems face real barriers in creating and operating successful specialty pharmacy programs. Manufacturers are placing more products in limited distribution—and payers are tightening their formularies and giving patients narrower options for filling specialty prescriptions.

Acentrus Specialty helps hospitals and health systems seize the specialty pharmacy opportunity. For large systems that are already developing specialty pharmacy services, we offer strategies and partnerships for additional growth. For organizations just starting out, we offer support at every level.

  • Through Acentrus participation, health systems and hospitals can realize important benefits
  • Improved access to specialty and other traditional pharmacy networks
  • Enhanced ability to go at risk with payers in an accountable care environment
  • Less risk of losing patients to competing channels with established ambulatory/specialty pharmacies
  • Improved revenue opportunities and access to new limited-distribution drugs
  • Stronger financial viability

Three participation levels

Health systems and hospitals select an Acentrus participation level based on their needs,
capabilities and the scope they envision for their specialty pharmacy operation. There’s no
participation fee—and because Acentrus is flexible, organizations can advance levels
as their services evolve.
Acentrus gives health systems and hospitals the opportunity to participate in an integrated care network. We address the most complex challenges head on with:
  • Assistance in building in-house specialty pharmacy capabilities with appropriate tools and solutions
  • Access to limited-distribution drugs
  • Backup services from channel partners
  • Streamlined, HIPAA-compliant data collection and reporting through the Acentrus Data Mart
  • Improved access to payer networks in return for meeting quality and outcomes measures
  • Enhanced pricing and terms on consulting services

Acentrus Specialty clients